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FIFA mobil S2: the first TOTW belt screws


Von alina17705, Samstag, 4. November 2017, 03:02

Some might expect to upgrade their mobile FIFA18 season 2, which is available at Google Play,cheap fut 18 coins, but the first team has announced. The seven best teams got one.

This ensures TOTW and POTM will return to the new season, although it can now be booked as a separate event.

"Every week there will be players joining TOTW, one captain, 11 beginners and eleven reserve players. ""Find all the captains and unlock the best of the month. - appear in the release notice.

There is also a weekly training session similar to that of the first time of year. From a certain level of shame (twice a week), 100 TOTW points can be collected. In this case, the 2 stamina is worth 5 to 15 points TOTW, plus 500 plus COINS, we have a chance to get a silver TOTW player, and our present leader is hopeless.

Once you reach 100 points,buy fut 18 coins, you can play the TOTW challenge this week. The first task was to play in the second half of this week. If we do this, we get the $1, 000 to 25, 000 coin, which guarantees gold or better TOTW players (i. e., Elite), including the captain.

There are 10, 500 FIFA Exact TOTW limited edition, with six players, at least three gold MEDALS and three silver MEDALS, and we have the word "open elite" or "captain card". Navigating to the occasion menu is not difficult, we can combine. Typically, it will appear in a new trial, lasting one week, between 8 any. m. and 9 p. m. Wednesday.

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