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FIFA's 18 World Cup qualifiers start


Von alina17705, Montag, 30. Oktober 2017, 02:22

FIFA and EA athletics announced that the initially World Cup those who win will be crowned inside July

EA Athletics FIFA and the video gaming developers said in Friday, they will be using the experience of the 2018 World Cup to be able to video games: November,fut 18 coins, they will began to get the primary FIFA World Mug 2018-18 - the 1st FIFA World Glass qualification.

From The fall of to July 2018, a series of qualifying complements will be held in which usually players can be competitive to report around the special website "TechCrunch".

FIFA will also manage the official qualification in the existing team and even professional players to join the first big sports match.

The being approved goal is to check out 128 FIFA 17 players from around the globe -64 who played out on PS4 together with 64 Xbox One particular players. They will be inside the FIFA 18 international series playoffs. They may try to reach the very finals of the FIFA World Cup.

John Sitrin, senior vice chairman and general supervisor of EA's aggressive games division, mentioned the move has been due to competition: the main 2018 World Pot.

Sitrin said: "last year was the essential achievement of TIMORE in attracting an incredible number of competitors and followers through world rugby and global levels of competition.

"Through the assistance with FIFA,buy fut 18 coins, we could accelerating the development of the competitive game, simply by EA sports PAURA world series" 19 2018 FIFA Planet Cup ", create more of the competition, to draw in more competitors, and contact with more enthusiasts.

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